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Hey Photographers & Other Creative Entrepreneurs, have you ever wished that you could get the inside scoop on someone's business? Do you wish you could just know how they do things? How to make your life easier? How they created a super cool graphic or send their contracts, deliver photo galleries, etc?? Well look no further because I am going to be dropping all of my favorite platforms I use for literally everything in my business. It is going to rock your freaking world + I have discounts for you so you can start using them too!


When it comes to client management and keeping track of all my projects, there is no platform I would trust more than HoneyBook. HoneyBook is a CRM (client relations management software) that allows you to keep track of all of your clients/projects in a super organized way! You can send contracts, invoices, emails, brochures, questionnaires, and more through HoneyBook and it stores everything in one easy place.

Clients are able to digitally sign your contract as well as pay you directly through the invoice so there is no hunting them down or waiting on checks in the mail. HoneyBook will even send automatic payment reminders for you too!

You can create templates for just about anything and workflows that can be automated so you know that your clients are being served even while you sleep!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with paper contracts, making sure you are giving each of your clients a great experience or wish there was just a better way to stay organized... you need HoneyBook. Right now you can get a 7 day free trial and then once you decide you can't live without it, get 50% off your first year with HoneyBook!

(That's a $200 value my friend)

Click Here for more info on HoneyBook & to start your 7 day free trial now!


My absolute favorite platform for email marketing on this planet is Flodesk. I have used a few different email marketing platforms in my day but none of them are as easy, user friendly, and pretty as Flodesk! This woman owned company began when they saw a need for something simpler. Email marketing is so important to any business but often times the last thing any business owner uses. Instagram is not going to live on forever and you do not own those followers, but you do own your email list!

If you are not sure where the heck to start when it comes to email marketing you can sign up for my totally free online training that will walk you through what it takes to start and grow your email list. This training will also give you a taste as to what Flodesk is all about! You can sign up for the training here!

If you are already on board and ready to start your 7 day free trial with Flodesk and then get 50% off for life!!

Click here!


If you are not tracking your finances in your business you need to start using Quickbooks! This will make tax season so much easier and it also helps you know how much you are spending vs. making in your biz. I love that I can track my business finances as well as my personal finances so I never am at a loss for how much I made a certain month.

Quickbooks also tracks your mileage which is great for an even larger tax deduction at the end of the year! I would 100% recommend Quickbooks for your bookkeeping needs.

You can get 50% off Quickbooks Self Employed when you sign up here!


My saving grace is by far Canva. I use Canva to create everything! All of my graphics, templates, brochures, social media posts, and more! Canva makes everything super easy especially for people who are not graphic design majors or are not very skilled in Photoshop. Canva is totally free to use! But there is also a paid version that has even more opportunities!

You can join Canva here!


I have used several photo delivery services in my day but I would say my favorite so far has been Pic-Time. I love this gallery service because you can categorize photos, and your clients can order prints directly through the online gallery. There are so many features through Pic-Time that allow each experience to be customizable and special to every client. And the best part? It's free with a storage limit - but the limit is pretty massive so it takes a while to fill it up. And the paid version is totally affordable! A close second to Pic-Time would be PASS galleries. The platform is very similar to Pic-Time and has a lot of the same features so try them both and see which one you prefer.

Use Code: U6ZNJQ

For a Free Month of any paid version of Pic-Time!


This probably is not much of a secret but Lightroom and Photoshop are the editing programs I use for all of my images. I would say I use Lightroom 90% of the time and Photoshop 10% of the time. The thing I love about Lightroom is there is a mobile app so editing iPhone photos is a total breeze! For client work I pay to use Lightroom Classic, but there is a free version if you don't feel like you need all of the bells and whistles.


Both of these are planning apps for Instagram feeds. I mostly use UNUM but recently started using Planoly since there is a desktop version. What's cool about these apps is that you can plan out how you want your feed to look, pre write all of your captions and assign them to photos, and even schedule them to post or remind you when to post. You will never have to spend hours on hours trying to figure out what to post on IG that day, with these apps you can have an entire month worth on content pre created and ready to go at the click of a button.


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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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