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If you are recently engaged, I know how excited and motivated you might be feeling to just dive into all of the wedding planning things, but there are some key elements that you will want to make sure you are doing first to get yourself on the right track from the very beginning.

I am only covering my top 3 in this video but if you want the full list of my 10 recommendations then you can get them by clicking HERE! This free guide also includes 4 fun things you could do to celebrate and 4 things you definitely should not do! Go snag it now!

1. Call your Close Family Members & Friends

Family drama is usually a given at some point on some level when it comes to weddings and engagements, because everyone wants to be in the know before everyone else and everyone has an opinion about everything. But you can avoid some of that by telling certain people in your life the big news before they have to find out about it on social media. Remember, you cannot please everyone and at the end of the day you have to do what feels right for yourself and your Fiance, but if you know off the top of your head there is someone you need to tell (like your parents) then I would definitely advise you to do that sooner than later. EVEN if they already knew the proposal was coming because chances are, they want to hear the news from you and be a part of all the excitement!

2. Set Your Date & Book Your Venue

Choosing your date sooner rather than later is crucial because you literally cannot do anything else in the planning process without a solid date, mostly meaning, you cannot start hiring vendors without having a solid date set. If you are planning to have a longer engagement (like 1+ years) then this step might not be as important to do immediately just because you have more time on your hands. But if you are only planning on having a 6 month - 1 year engagement, you need to set your date because chances are, a lot of the best wedding vendors will already be fully booked or close to it by that point.

Booking your venue is important too for similar reasons. When it comes to booking your vendors or even just trying to get a game plan down, people need to know where to go. If it's local to where you live that makes things a little more open ended, but if you are planning on having a destination wedding or a wedding that requires people to travel, then they need to be able to calculate travel costs, etc.

3. Prioritize Your Vendors

I'm bias because I am a wedding photographer, but let's just say that you feel the same way I do and that your wedding photographer is one of the most important hires you are going to make for your wedding day. You need to prioritize these vendors in your budget and on your to-do list in regards to booking them because wedding professionals tend to book up several months to even a year in advanced, so if you have been following a particular photographer for a while and know that you want them to photograph your wedding, I would reach out to them immediately to lock in your date before it's too late. You also should be prepared or willing to spend more money on your prioritized vendors vs. the ones you are not as particular about.

For example, if your wedding photos are super important to you, and you want them to look amazinggg, then be prepared to have a higher budget for a better quality photographer with a better experience, and maybe go more affordable on the food or florals, or whatever you care about less.

Remember: A good photographer can make a $5,000 wedding look like a $50,000 wedding but a bad photographer can make a $50,000 wedding look like a $5,000 wedding.

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