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Wow. It's pretty hard to believe we are 4 months into 2020 already, especially with this crazy pandemic going on, the world just seems to be spinning a little faster than usual... but also slower at the same time? Is that relatable? Ha!

And within all the chaos it can be easy to get lazy, lose track of our goals, and honestly use this slow time to set us back because it seems like a good excuse. Ask yourself, how are those new years goals coming along? Are you still chuggin' away at them or did you give up??

I am not quitter, and girl, I don't think you are either. But I know that with weird times, it can be easy to lose motivation, and honestly get lonely and uninspired. So from the bottom of my heart, this message is for you. To encourage you to keep going on those long term goals and to use this time to set new ones. Now is a wonderful time to actually get re-inspired on old projects or anything you decided you didn't have enough time for.

April 15th marks a new quarter. So today, we are going to set some new quarter goals. Sound good?

1. Drink more Water

I don't know about you, but drinking water has always been a struggle for me. I am not a super "thirsty" person by nature so I have a hard time drinking a lot of any kind of fluid but especially water because let's be honest it's just not very fun to drink lol. But I know there are so many benefits to drinking a large amount of water on a daily basis so I definitely want to get better at that and try to work my way up to consuming 1 gallon per day. Bathroom breaks here I come.

2. Exercise Daily (even at home)

I was off to such a good start this year, going to the gym basically everyday, and waking up early to do so. But I'm sure a lot of people can understand me when I say, it is hard to get motivated when we are stuck at home all day, everyday. And lately I have caught myself getting up later, be a little bit lazier when it comes to my health, and so on. Now, I am all about giving yourself grace during these times, and I don't think I need to hold myself to some crazy fitness standard at this very moment, but one of my goals for this next quarter is to maintain a workout schedule, no matter what life throws at me.

3. Supplemental Income

In the beginning I did not feel any kind of financial crunch, but as time goes on I am definitely seeing the effects this pandemic is taking on my business, but I am blessed because I know so many other people have it far worse than I do, but still.. this has been a kick in the pants and a wake up call to start creative other streams of income for myself so that I don't have to only rely on just one to pay my bills.

4. Give Freely

My entire 2020 goal summarized was to give more freely than ever before. I felt God pouring into my heart this year and pressing the word "give" onto me. And so my #1 focus this year has been to give in any way I can. Financially, give my time, give my energy, give my knowledge, and more. As a Christian I believe that giving is one of the ultimate ways to share the love of Christ and be more like him so every day I think to myself "how can I give & serve the world today?"

5. Learn Something New (educate myself)

I am such a big advocate for education and growing as a business owner always. There are so many aspects to my business that I want to invest time and money into to make sure I am thriving in specific areas and not just being "okay" in a bunch. I want to really understand the finances and nitty gritty aspects to business and not just get caught up in the fluffy stuff. Online courses, resources, and masterminds will be key here.

Okay okay, those are my top goals for the next few months, but I want to know... what are your goals? What plans do you have for this next quarter? How are you going to make yourself better in the next few months? Head on over to my Instagram and tell me your biggest goals you are setting for yourself!

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I'm Sarah Spackman

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