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Does the thought of spending money on furthering your education scare you? Do you worry if it's worth it? Or if it's all just a hoax? If you believe these lies, then keep on reading...

I used to be that girl. Scared to spend money to make money. And using the words of Brittani and Jon with Hustle and Flow, "Scared Money don't make money". I thought I could google all of the answers and find success the "free" way. I thought I could teach myself how to market on every social media platform, and how to do my own taxes, and how to run facebook ads and more.

Which is not necessarily untrue. Here's a little secret, nothing is a secret anymore. You literally can find any answers you want on the internet if you try hard enough. So yes, you do not need to purchase that online course or book that mentor session if you would rather hold onto that money of yours. But if that's the case, why have you not already done it?

When something is free, we do not value it as much. We put it off, probably forget about it or never get around to it, and then wind up frustrated because we are still stuck in the same spot months and months later.

But when we spend money on an online course or business coaching, we are more likely to implement the things we learn and value them on a way higher level. Not to mention we are able to get the information we desire all in one place instead of trying to piece together free information on the internet.

From the depths of my soul, I believe that investing in yourself, your business, and your education is one of the most important things you can do to succeed. If you own a business, how can you expect people to invest in you, if you won't even invest in yourself ??

And even as someone who considers themselves to be experienced in their industry, maybe they have found success, make a solid income, or mastered their instagram growth, there is always something to be done. You are a student for life, trust me when I say you will never know EVERYTHING so never stop valuing your business and your life. Invest in the things you are not sure about, and then you can grow and scale like never before.

Okay okay, now that I got my little pep talk out of the way...

It's time for me to tell you about the education I have personally chosen to invest in for myself. Here we gooo

College (For Photography)

So fun fact, I majored in photography at my first college. And while my opinions and views about college have definitely shifted (I now do not believe college is the way to go unless you want to be like a doctor or engineer or something lol) I went into a community college straight out of high school with no real plan. Just that I wanted to be a photographer and my parents told me to go to college, so I did.

But even though I don't really believe college helped my business too much, I did learn a lot about photography and became a better artist overall. It also helped me start to build a photography community, make friends with similar interests and learn from mentors before mentorships were really even a thing!

College (For Horse Training)

Yes, this is a real thing. I went to school to learn to train horses better and have more of a reliable service to offer my clients. Even though this is not my main business I focus on, I owe so much of my knowledge to my school, and this college also helped me grow my photography business by giving me lots of work capturing my fellow students with their horses.

Jenna Kutcher's Online Courses

Okay Jenna is my freaking girl. I discovered her back in 2017 and she introduced me to all kinds of things including email marketing and Pinterest marketing for my business. I bought Jenna's Instagram lab first and learned so much about niching down, building a personal brand, showing up on my stories, and more.

Jenna has been an inspiration to me for many reasons and I am hoping to follow in her footsteps to transition out of one on one client work completely, to chase my new dream of owning an online media company.

Jenna is the definition of Real, Raw content. Her posts are inspiring, engaging, relatable and she is just the kindest human ever. Her down to earth presence has always attracted me and made me want more. Jenna's strategies are practical and applicable immediately so I always know that I can trust her any time she puts out something new!

Her podcast The Goal Digger Podcast is one of the highest ranking business podcasts and Jenna provides an insane amount of value for free for not only business owners but moms, women, and many others! Such a good listen!!

The Heart University

The heart University online course was about $1800 and one of the biggest investments on education I have personally made for my business, but I am really happy I did. Evie and Lindsey are very well spoken and inspirations for sure. I thought this course was helpful for new photographers, but even as an experienced one myself, most of my takeaways I got from this course was on the technical side of my business such as workflows, and travel pricing, etc.

The heart university also now has a podcast called the Heart and Hustle podcast which provides a lot of free value for business owners and individuals in general. I highly recommend this podcast.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many mentors that I look up to for education and resources, and even though I have not gotten the chance to invest in all of them yet, they are on my list!

  • Hustle & Flow (For a major kick in the pants that will set a fire under you)

  • Dean Graziosi (For some incredible business and investing tips)

  • Gary Vee (That extra push I need with a whole lot of compassion)

  • Tony Robbins (For all the Motivation I need)

  • Angie Lee (For Comedy and real business convos!)

What Education Do I Offer?

Thanks to all of these people I have listed + many many more, I have started my own journey of teaching, educating, and helping business owners grow and thrive in their lives and their businesses!

I offer one on one coaching, online courses, free resources and more!

To check out all of my educational opportunities for photographers and other small business owners click here!

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And to check out all of my favorite tools I use in my own life and business + get discounts on them, click here!

Want to learn how to take better iPhone pictures of yourself, your kids, or anyone!! Join my online course here!

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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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