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Let me guess, you are tired of sitting there staring at your computer screen day after day wanting to create something to share with your audience but the idea of creating a compelling piece of content for your marketing strategy (or lack there of) is super intimidating because you want it to be absolutely perfect. I see you, and I get it, because I once was you, but I am not anymore. What would you think if I told you that marketing doesn't have to feel forced nor is there such thing as the "perfect" piece of content. The business world likes to tell you a lot of lies when it comes to marketing, and that you need to sound like a true salesman and be all high and mighty in order to be successful, but homegirl that just isn't true. What if I told you the 3 biggest lies you are probably believing when it comes to marketing are holding you back? Are you ready to stop feeling intimidated when it comes to marketing and in turn start growing your brand? By busting these 3 lies, you will gain more confidence in your brand, not let the idea of perfectionism hold you back, and save more time in the long run. Ready for these truth bombs? Let's dive in.


If there was one point that I could scream from a mountain top for all my fellow entrepreneurs to hear it would be this one. Do not let the idea of perfectionism keep you from doing the dang thing. I remember when I first started out as a wedding photographer and I thought that no matter what it was I was currently working on, it had to be perfect before anyone ever saw it. That means something as small as an Instagram post. If I didn't have the perfect, curated photo to post on a certain day, I just wouldn't post at all. Let me just say this: DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. We tend to focus a lot on visuals, and what people are going to think when they see a piece of content we put out into the world. But I want to challenge you to change that mindset from what are people going to think - to how is it going to serve someone? At the end of the day the most important thing you could do is making sure that whoever is consuming your content gets something to takeaway from it.

Remember the 3 key points to marketing: Your content should either educate, inspire, or entertain. If you just slap up a pretty photo but your caption has no depth, and doesn't help the consumer in any way, it could end up hurting you more than helping you. But if you are able to bring value in some way to your audience, that is going to start building your like, know and trust factor with them which can eventually turn them into a paying customer just as long as you continue to bring them value on a regular basis.

If you create something now that has value and will serve someone well, post it, start talking about it and get it out into the world. You can always go back later and make it pretty or change anything that needs to be updated. If the visual stuff is really holding you back and you just cannot fathom putting anything into the world that isn't cute to look at then hop on over to Canva and let your imagination run wild.


Professional does not always mean poise and boring. You can 100% be yourself and still be professional. Professionalism is not about speaking a certain way or putting off a certain image, professionalism is being prompt, on time, true to your word, and efficient.

As a wedding photographer I used to think that anytime an inquiry fell into my inbox I needed to be extremely "professional" sounding - which to me was something straight out of a corporate office. A lot of big words and meaningless jargon. I thought that was for sure how you are supposed to run a business and by putting off that image I would book so many more clients. But truthfully, I probably booked less. Why?? Because I was boring as all heck. My idea of professionalism was all based on how I spoke not how I acted.

After years of shifting this mindset what I have come to realize is that the reason my brand stands out from others is because of who I am as a person. I am a super bubbly, outspoken kinda girl with a ton of energy and I want my clients to know that from day one. So I started to write email templates that reflected that.

My opening line of emails no longer looks like "Dear Bride & Groom, I am so thankful you are inquiring with me about wedding photography services...." blah, blah, blah...BORING. Now my email opening line is more like "JIERBFIUASBFIHJQEBRFI HOLY CRAP YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER??? OMG OMG" Because that is actually how I talk and it's seriously how I feel when someone reaches out to me! What this also does is attracts more of my ideal clients who are thinking OMG YES GIRL I NEED THAT ENERGY - and repelling the ones who are like NOPE NOT MY CUP OF TEA. And that's okay! We want to attract and repel so that we can start booking more of our dream jobs and less of the ones that make us want to curl up into a ball.

Just remember to be yourself, because you are the reason that people will book with you over someone else. Professionalism is not about how you speak, it's about how you treat the customer. Be on time, be respectful, and give them an experience they will never forget!


The beautiful thing about the internet is that it lives on forever (okay that's also kinda terrifying but we won't go there right now). If creating new content every single day is overwhelming or not realistic for you then I have good news. You do not need to be putting out something brand new every single day. In fact, I suggest creating new content only about 1-2 times per week and the rest of the time just referring back to that content through social media posts, emails, etc. The goal when it comes to content creation is to be consistent. So if it's easier for you to start with once a month, do that and then once you are able to establish a routine you can add more and more days to the pot. What you do not want to do is promise your audience new content 3 times per week and then not follow through.

So what do I mean by content anyway? Well, this can be a little different for everyone but typically you have your main content source such as a blog, a video show/youtube channel, a podcast, etc. Whatever platform it is that you are using is what you are going to aim to post on once per week - let's say every Wednesday. Then from there you are going to write email copy, Instagram captions, and go on your stories to talk about the new content that has been posted which will direct people to a link to check it out. And remember, this is not a one and done process. You want to create content that can bring value no matter what day it is or what season of the year. This is called evergreen content. That way even after you post it, you will be able to refer back to it months, or even years later and have it still be relevant with minor adjustments.

Marketing is really just like dating. All you are really doing is introducing your brand to someone and getting to know them over time so that one day you can ask them to marry you (AKA buy something from you). There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to marketing - that it is really technical and hard but I don't agree. I believe that as long as you are consistent, bringing value, and showing up for your audience you WILL grow, and you WILL make money. Don't let things like perfectionism, self image, or content creation hold you back. I have all the faith in the world in you my friend, now go out and kick some butt.


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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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