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I want you to think about your life for a minute. Think about where you are at. Are you happy? Are you where you want to be? Are you even close....??

And then, I want you to ask yourself, "WHY"??

Why are you happy with where you are?

Why are you NOT happy with where you are?

Why are you on track with your dreams?

Why do you feel like your dreams will never come true?

There are no wrong answers here so think about it... and then, write it down.

I was 18 when I made a commitment to myself that after college, I was never going to work for someone else ever again. I knew since I was just a little kid that I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be a stay at home mom one day. I wanted to change the world.

But I did not come from a family of entrepreneurs, or business owners. Both of my parents worked 9-5 jobs, and we lived a pretty simple life. It was great! But it was simple.

I watched as my mom would wake up at 5am every morning, get us ready for school, take us to school, then drive 30 minutes to work at her desk job, just to drive 30 minutes back home after 8 long hours to take care of us, make us dinner, tuck us into bed, and hear all of our stories we had to share.

Then she would clean the house, do the laundry, go to bed at 10pm and do it all over again. She did this for 18 years of my life. And my Dad did the same. He was a police officer and risked his life every time he stepped out the door. He worked long hours, weekends, night shifts occasionally, and still made sure we felt like a priority.

I don't tell you this to be prideful, but I am proud of my parents and all that they accomplished in their lives, which encouraged me to take that same energy they had and pour it into creating my own business that essentially fills the cups of others. I wanted to serve people and love on people and grow with people. Basically, I love people.

I didn't give myself a choice, I was going all in or not at all, so I dove head first into entrepreneurship and started two completely different businesses and hustled like crazy to create a stable income.

I get asked quite a bit, if I had to pick 3 key things that helped me succeed with going full time, what would they be??


Consistency is literally everything when it comes to growing your business, scaling, or just getting your name out into the world. And it may sound like a cakewalk but being truly consistent is actually pretty dang hard. The key is when you are just starting out to set realistic goals for yourself. Ideally, you will be posting at least once a day on your social platforms, but if that is just not do-able then maybe plan for 3 times per week like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Start small, and once you get into the swing of it you can always add more and more to your content schedule.

Make sure you are showing up on instagram stories, in people's inboxes via your email list, posting blog posts, on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, whatever platform you choose. Because that's the other thing... the end goal here is to get so good at consistency you are able to post content multiple times a day on multiple platforms but that is crazy hard to do in the beginning. So start with one thing such as an email list or Instagram and go from there.

Master your consistency, get on a schedule and then stick to it. An easy way to do this is with batch working. Batch working basically means creating multiple pieces of content all at the same time and scheduling them to post automatically later on. This can be done with blog posts, facebook posts, youtube videos, and Instagram posts depending on your feed planning app of choice (like Planoly, Later, and UNUM)


Patience is probably the hardest thing to do when you are trying to take your business full time. Maybe you hate your 9-5 job or maybe you are just so anxious to be able to stay at home with your kids, but you cannot afford to lose that stable income. Patience, my dear.

I know it's a little cheesy but that saying "all good things come to those who wait" is pretty accurate. Even though I was able to go full time early on in my business does not mean I was super successful right from the beginning. I had to fail a lot. In fact, I still fail all the time.

One of the biggest things I had to be patient with was making a sustainable income. I lived with my parents until I was 20 and then again until I was 23 as a way to save up money for my future and to be able to dive head first. I know that idea is not glamorous to most people, and I had a lot of people cringe when I told them I still lived at home. But it was 100% by choice and a very intentional decision to level up in life much sooner than most of my peers.

When you are working a 9-5 job and do not have family or someone else to lean on just in case... it's hard. I get that! But it's not an excuse. It isn't a death sentence for your business. You can do hard things, even if that means going to work your 9-5 job and then coming home and spending the rest of your night working on your business.

It may be a sacrifice, and it will be exhausting, and you'll want to give up 500 times, but patience is key because if you are patient, and consistent with your content, I promise you will start to see results so much faster than you even thought possible.


Finally, but definitely most importantly, is pray about it. As a believer myself, my faith is the foundation to absolutely everything in my life. Whether it be my personal decisions or my business ones, my faith comes before anything else. And I know that without God and Jesus Christ I would not have the sustainable business I have today. I know that I would not be able to serve others in the way I do and meet the incredible people I have had the opportunity to meet.

I try to always pray about everything in my business, whether that's a new project I am working on, a wedding I am going to be photographing soon, and so on. I ask the Lord to guide my hands, my words, my thoughts, and most of all my heart. I never want society to pressure me into thinking or doing things I don't agree with, so prayer not only keeps me grounded, but it also guides me along.


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I'm Sarah Spackman

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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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