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Omg omg omg! You're engaged! *Insert all the happy dances*

And while I am sure your head is spinning a million miles a minute there are a few priorities that need to get done. First of all... the obligatory instagram ring photo. Check. The caption that says something like "the easiest question i've ever been asked". check. And now? Engagement photos!

But there's ones problem, you have no idea what the heck to wear to the session. Maybe you are the girl who wear jeans and a T-shirt everyday (honestly, same) or maybe you like to be super stylish but you've never had professional photos taken before so you are at a complete loss at what to wear. Are there rules for this sort of thing?

Okay, before you go into full panic mode, just know, I gotchu babe.

Today we are talking all about engagement sessions. What to wear, what not to wear, and how to make sure you love the final result!

Stop over thinking

I know this can be really easy to do because these are important. However, don't believe the lie that you have to get super dressed up or wear something you normally wouldn't just because these are your engagement photos. Think about that statement. These are YOUR engagement photos. Which means they should represent you and who you are. If you are the laid back, t shirt wearing kinda people, you could totally wear that to represent who you are. But if you know that's who you are and you want this to be a fun excuse to get a little more dressed up, fair enough! Keep on reading!

Be yourself

Even if you do choose an outfit that is not your everyday wear, do not go so over the top and wear something you would never be caught dead wearing any other time. Again, we want these photos to represent who you are as individuals and as a couple.

I will even give you a personal example. I love western fashion. I love the turquoise, the bling, the fancy cowboy hats, but my daily wear is usually ripped jeans, a baseball cap, and a hoodie. But on nights when I am going out on the town I like to glam it up, but it's nothing that makes people question who I am. It still looks like me.. just a flashier version.

When in doubt go neutral

If you are ever questioning what color choices look best, my answer will always be neutral. Any kind of earthy colors such as tan, white, black, brown, deeper blues and reds. That's not to say they have to be that way.. but just a general rule of thumb if you are wondering what would look the best.

And while we are on the topic... take it easy with the patterns. Now, I am a lover of a funky floral always... but if one person is rocking a bold pattern, let's leave it at that. The other person should be in solid colors or very very simple patterns.

Go easy on the makeup

There is a lot of myth's around what is better for photos, more makeup or less, and personally I think it depends on the photographer and what kind of. lighting there is, etc. Generally I would say if you are doing your own makeup, do not go overboard from what your everyday look is. Caking it on your face is not the way to go. My number one piece of advice if it is within your means would be to get your makeup professionally done. You could try to line it up with your wedding trial makeup *hint hint* kills two birds with one stone.

Please for the love of everything... do not match

Okay I will say there are some exceptions to this. However, if you are thinking the matching white t-shirt and blue jeans thing or matching flannel shirts thing is a good idea.... just don't. With all due respect, and for the love of all photographers.... do not go matchy matchy. Instead, try color coordinating with complimentary colors and patterns.

Have Options

Depending on the photographer's package you might be allowed to have more than one outfit for your session, in this case I suggest bringing a more casual outfit and a more "fancy" outfit. And by fancy I just mean maybe a summer dress as opposed to jeans or something. It doesn't have to be a ball gown, unless you are in to that kinda thing.

Your photographer will probably gladly provide you with insight as well. Never hesitate to reach out to them and tell them your questions and concerns or show them what your outfit options are! We are here to serve you!

If you want some inspiration on what to wear to an engagement session, check out this Pinterest board I created just for you! View the board by clicking here!

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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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