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I like to consider myself a pretty open book when it comes to most parts of my life but there are some things that I do not typically share or talk a lot about, until now! These are 10 things I am guessing you probably do not know about me.

1. I have multiple autoimmune diseases

I was diagnosed when I was between the ages of 8-10 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lymphocytic colitis, osteoporosis, and a skin autoimmune disease that I literally cannot even begin to spell. haha. Yup, my childhood consisted of a lot of hospitals, doctor appointments, medications, procedures, and tests.

2. I was insanely shy when I was a kid

Literally, I would scream my head off if a stranger even looked at me. I was super clingy to my mom and hated to be the center of attention. Let's just say a lot has changed since then.

3. Besides riding horses, I grew up doing cheerleading, gymnastics, and dancing

I was super athletic before I started having health issues. I was the girl on top of the pyramid getting thrown all around, and could do a bunch of cool tumbling and back flips. This was the turning point for my shyness, I loved to perform in front of thousands of people! Quite the difference!

4. I bought my first horse by myself at age 14

I was not born into an agriculture environment or a family that was super involved with horses and ranching. But God put horses on my heart and after taking years and years of lessons, I was somehow able to save up to buy my very own horse at 14 years old. To this day that is still my greatest accomplishment.

5. I had the best birthday parties growing up

My mom went ALL out for our birthdays. They are some of my greatest memories because of all the fun stuff we did. One year I had a petting zoo come to my house, another year I had a full blown princess tea party and my brother did a magic show and pulled a real bunny out of a hat that I got to keep. Another year a limo picked me and my friends up from school and took us to go play a bunch of games. Another year I had a DJ come to my house for an epic dance party, and had a surprise party as well. Literally so many good ones.

6. I am a huge politics buff

This is something that has recently sparked my interest since being out of high school. I love watching the news, political debates, and understanding what is going on in the world

7. I wanted to be a physical therapist when I grew up

I was one of those kids who never really knew what they wanted to do for a long long time because there were SO many things I wanted to do. How was I supposed to choose? In high school I knew I wanted to do something involving horses, and I always had a soft spot for disabled kids since I could relate due to my own health conditions. So I started volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding facility and knew thats what I wanted to do. But the reality of what that would really take set in and those dreams kinda got pushed off. But it is definitely still something I would love to do one day!

8. I was a drama nerd

Yes I am that weird girl that likes to be on stage and talk in front of people. I took over 4 years of drama in school. I still get nervous and anxious but once I do it and I am up there it just makes me feel good. I love attention but not in a narcissistic way, I just love being able to share my stories and encourage others using my social media platforms and in person if possible!

9. I collect coffee mugs

I probably have about 50 coffee mugs sitting in my cabinet right about now. And I cannot seem to stop buying new ones from target because let's be honest, no one can resist target.

10. I am deathly afraid of failure

Ever since I was a kid I had this overwhelming urge to be UBER successful. I wanted to make a bunch of money, and to make a name for myself. But not only that, I wanted to build a platform to which I could share the gospel and tell others about the love of Jesus Christ. But with all of those big dreams comes a lot of hesitation, negativity, and people pushing against you. If there is one thing I have learned in my 23 years of life its that people really enjoy to watch you fail. They will say whatever they can and do whatever they can to push you down and kick you while you are weak. Only you can decide if you are going to stand up again. It's not easy, but it is totally possible.

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Sarah Spackman is a traveling western and whimsical wedding and couples photographer and educator.

She is a hopeless romantic, an outdoor enthusiast, a crazy horse girl, and a Jesus follower.

Sarah’s passion is to capture the authentic and real moments in life that we all live for. She is a sunset chaser and a daydreamer with a cowgirl’s heart and a gypsy’s soul.

“Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead…”

-1 Peter 1:6

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I'm Sarah Spackman

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I'm Sarah Spackman

I'm a small town country girl born with stars in my eyes, and I turned my love for horses into a full time entrepreneurship career capturing love stories and teaching other peeps like me how to follow their freaking hearts.​

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