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My heart was POUNDING as I walked nervously down the escalator in the Billings, Montana airport. I looked over the railing and saw him sitting there with his back to me, black felt Cowboy hat on. I had never met him before, but I knew that was him. My hands were shaking as I wondered what I should do. Do I tap him on the shoulder? Do I jump on top of him? Do I cry? No Sarah... don't cry that would be weird.

But it's like he knew I was there because before I got to make a move, he looked up at me, and that was it. That smile was everything.

In that moment we were four blue eyes, with dirty Cowboy boots on our feet. We were one in the same, and I knew I was in trouble. Who knew that a California girl like me would fall in love with a Cowboy in Montana?

The spark notes version of our love story goes something like this:

Boy sees girl on Facebook. Boy adds girl. Girl accepts boy, and stalks his photos. Boy messages girl. Boy and Girl talk for hours and within one day, girl was convinced to go to Montana. Two weeks later, Girl breaks her leg, and Boy drives her 24 straight hours back to California. And here we are. 6 Months later. Life, man. It is pretty dang crazy.

But instead of going into any major details about our story, I thought it would be kind of fun to ask Tyler some questions about our relationship, so I went online and found some questions that range from being cute to quirky and some in between.

I emailed him the list, and he sent me back his responses. And let's just say he had me in tears with his answers.

Photos by Taylor Brooke Photography

Q1: When did we meet?

A: We met when I creeped on you on facebook while sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport on July 10th 2018 during my layover.

Q2: Was it love at first sight?

A: That’s hard to say, if by sight you meant actually seeing you walk down those stairs at the Billings airport? Then without a doubt that’s a 100% yes, but we had a month of getting know each other so I knew I was already in love with your personality.

Q3: Everything happens for a reason, why do you think we met?

A: Because God was tired of hearing me complain about him not sending me someone to start a family with. I mean the Bible says in Luke that if you ask, you shall receive right? And of course in 1 Thessalonians it says pray without ceasing. So I just put two and two together and boom, answered prayers. Ask my parents how that works, I’ve got a collection of goodies to prove that the squeaky wheel does in fact get the grease.

Q4: What is your favorite part about me?

A: Does your nose whistle count? Haha oh you said favorite not the most musical. I would say your God fearing attitude and your love for people. In a world of selfish people I absolutely love watching you love on people.

Q5: What is your least favorite part about me?

A: Your stubbornness. When I think I know what’s the best for both of us but you’re dug in harder than a WW1 soldier. Then I usually have to use man logic or the negative term “mansplaining”. Then I see your cute little face light up like a big lightbulb just lit up above your head and everything is good to go.

Q6: What was your first impression of me when we met?

A: My first impression was trying to find a fault in you. If that makes sense at all. I guess what went on through my head from the time I met you to the time we drove to Chipotle was “Ok, there HAS to be something wrong with her. They don’t come this perfect.” I still can’t find one to this day.

Photos by Taylor Brooke Photography

Q7: What is your favorite memory of us so far?

A: Whenever I stop looking at you, the memory of knowing you’re always right there will never be beat.

Q8: Describe our relationship in 3 words

A: Our Messy Perfection

Q9: When did you realize you loved me?

A: August 6th, 2018 when I watched you walk towards me in the Billings Airport next the the sculpture of a Pinto horse made out of Pinto beans. My exact thoughts were, “No way is this happening, come on Tyler, DO NOT MESS THIS UP!”

Q10: If we get married, where is our honeymoon going to be?

A: Somewhere tropical because that's what you always said you wanted!

Photos by Taylor Brooke Photography

Sarah Spackman is a western and whimsical wedding and couples photographer based in Northern California, but is always down to travel where love takes her.

She is a hopeless romantic, an outdoor enthusiast, a crazy horse girl, and a Jesus follower.

Sarah’s passion is to capture the authentic and real moments in life that we all live for. She is a sunset chaser and a daydreamer with a cowgirl’s heart and a gypsy’s soul.

“Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead…”

-1 Peter 1:6

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I'm Sarah Spackman

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